Special Extras

Special Extras:

The Magic Box and/or Magic Cube are available for your child’s show where you can produce a special gift. Imagine YOU are the magician revealing your special gift to your child. What a Delight. Below is a short sample of a 4 year old’s Birthday Party.

[youtube id=”Xlj3SSORWRA” width=”1000″ height=”563″ position=”center”]

Tips for a Great Birthday Party:

  • Have the Magic show just before the Cake and presents
  • The space for magic should be about 10′ x 6′
  • Inside is best. If outside, a place near trees is good and the sun to my front so the kids won’t be looking directly into it
  • For the kids, chairs are ok. Sitting on the floor, if clean or a rug or blankets, works best. That level gets the kids more engaged and closer to the performance.
  • Chairs for parents are AOK
  • For the adults, sometimes there are things to talk about rather than watch your kid watching the magic show. I can’t imagine what but apparently there is. 🙂 So I just suggest a place for them to enjoy each other’s company during the show. Usually there is not a problem so please don’t put any extra further effort into it. I’ll get them engaged if they talk too loud. 😀
  • However, this is the place for them to interact with their kids. They are more than welcome to join in and sit with their kids
  • Have cameras ready. Take Videos. This is the time to make those Memories!
  • When taking pictures, stand behind me too. It’s your show and you want to get good pictures of your kid’s reactions. I have no problem if you are standing behind me or to my right or left. Find the places where you can take some great photos when your child is on stage and in the audience
  • Have the Cake and Presents in another room if possible so the kids are not distracted from the magic show


Some other things to keep in mind:

  • Levitate your Child! Your child must be less than 70# and extra space available (6′ x 3′). You must request this. There is also an additional $25 charge but it’s very cool
  • It is best if you call, use the “Contact” page or email me at least 6 weeks in advance to get the date you want.
  • When you call, I’ll send you out a confirmation email. No deposit necessary.
  • I take Amex, Master Card, Visa, Personal Checks and Cash.
  • Because mistakes happen, prices and shown details are subject to change without notice on this website.
  • Once you book a show, a confirmation email is sent out with all the details and we are all set on price and event. No worries.