History of EMU

A few years ago, Pat and I decided to create a show that we’d publish to local cable access channels.
The idea was to create some tutorials to teach easy magic tricks that people of all ages
could use to entertain their friends.
Thus Easy Magic University (Home of the fighting EMUs!) was born.
We are now using this for our Kid’s and Adult Classes.

EMU: Magic Workshops should begin in the Summer
Discover Magic – I wanted to let you know about my upcoming ONLINE Magic Classes featuring the amazing Discover Magic curriculum.

I offer a full program where your child will not only learn dozens of amazing new magic tricks, but they will have access to an online video vault with hours of extra fun. Your child receives all this. Professional created and kid sized!

This full Purple workshop is made up of 8 lessons and each lesson focuses on one important life skill such as being Respectful, or Prepared, or Creative. It is a life changing program that comes complete with special magic props, Top Secret File Folders and even a special graduation wand!

I will be starting new classes on
Tuesday June 23th from 6pm to 8pm for 4 weeks
Wednesday June 24th from 6pm to 8pm for 4 weeks.

You can register your child by visiting

Purple Wand Workshop

WOW 1 Students. Please click here to go to your tutorials.
WOW 2 Students. Please click here to go to your tutorials.

Below you will find some cool info along with tutorials for classes you might have already taken.

Shared May 2018 – What To Do When Confronted By A Magician

Shared March 2018 – Dr. Presto’s Categories of Magic

Shared February 2018 – The Wrapper Vanish