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Boy smiling at magic class holding up a card.

Life Lessons Taught Through Magic

  • Amazing custom tricks
  • Simple full-color instructions
  • Top secret file folders with bonus extras
  • Learn the 8 traits of a true magician
  • Videos featuring Michael Ammar – one of the greatest teachers in magic history
  • An exclusive graduation wand and certificate
  • Discover a new hobby that could change your life

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Magic Workshop Features

  • Magic lessons for children unlike anything ever offered before.
  • Discover Magic is a one-of-a-kind program, internationally recognized, and created by some of the top magicians of our time.
  • In this course, kids are given secret file folders, custom tricks you won’t find anywhere else, and unique opportunities to boost
    self-confidence, build communication skills and make new friends.

At EMU, our instructors use modern technology with high-quality instructional videos both in class and online. Magicians in training learn magic through a unique approach that gives them the opportunity to perform several times before heading home to wow others with what they learned!


Young girl on the floor with magic kit.
Crowd of kids laughing at a magic show.
Boy smiling with deck of cards.
Girl smiling with magic folder.

What makes Discover Magic truly special is its structure.

    We are leveraging the power and excitement of learning magic secrets to get kids to put down their electronic devices and learn important social skills that will last a lifetime.

    Our purpose is to teach respect, inspire creativity, encourage preparation and so much more all in a safe, friendly, covid friendly, fun environment.