Build a lasting memory with your child. Record the
moments and share with your child for a life-time.

Birthday Magic Show

  • A 45+ minute Magic Show for your child and their friends
  • YOUR child is The Star of the show
  • Children participate in many of my illusions
  • Engaging magic for your child’s age group
  • Professional music & sound that brings a theatrical experience into your home 


Stephanie Beach entertains during a birthday magic show.
Stephanie Beach performs magic with her puppet assistant Beakstone the magic chicken.
Stephanie Beach works some magic at a child's birthday.
Stephanie Beach surrounded by children during a birthday party magic show.

The passion Steph has for what she does shines through.

My kids will look back at the pictures and videos and know it was one of their best birthdays ever!

Bethany Azevedo

Birthday Parent

Tips for a Great Birthday Party

Stephanie Beach surrounded by children during a birthday party magic show.
  • Kids can get very engaged in the show by sitting on the floor. They’re much closer to the performance and it’s easier for them to be creative with their movements. Chairs are ok, but sitting on the floor or a rug/blanket is best.
  • I’ll need a space of about 10′ x 6′ to set up.
  • Inside is best. If outside, a place near trees is good and the sun to my front so the kids won’t be looking directly into it
  • Have the Magic Show just before the cake and presents.
  • Have the cake and presents somewhere where they will not be a distraction.
  • Parents love the show too! They can enjoy the magic or find a place nearby to talk with each other during the show.
  • Have cameras ready. Take Videos. This is the time to make those Memories!
  • When taking pictures, stand behind me too. It’s your show and you want to get good pictures of your kid’s reactions. I have no problem if you are standing behind me or to my right or left. Find the places where you can take some great photos when your child is on stage and in the audience.
A young girl in a princess dress looks on as children's magician Stephanie Beach performs a birthday magic show.