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Stephanie Beach is a Professional Magician specializing in Comedy Magic.

Orange Wand Workshop
Coming in Oct 10th 10:30 AM.
We hope you join us for our Orange Wand Workshop.

Discover Magic – I wanted to let you know about my upcoming ONLINE Magic Classes featuring the amazing Discover Magic curriculum.
I offer a full program where your child will not only learn dozens of amazing new magic tricks, but they will have access to an online video vault with hours of extra fun. Your child receives all this. Professional created and kid sized!

This full Orange workshop is made up of 8 lessons in 4 mornings and each lesson focuses on one important life skill such as being Respectful, or Prepared, or Creative. It is a life changing program that comes complete with special magic props, Top Secret File Folders and even a special graduation wand!

I will be starting new classes on
Saturday October 10th from 10:30 am to 12:00 pm for 4 weeks

Sign up here: Orange Wand Workshop


Coming in October 5th 4:30pm.
We hope you join us for a Free WOW 5 Magic Workshop.

This is designed for kids ages 7 to 12 but all are welcome.

I am offering another  INTERACTIVE Online Magic Course to help kids develop some awesome social skills during this time of social distancing.
Not only will you be entertained this morning, but your child will learn skills that will impact the rest of their life Through the Discover Magic Program!

If this interests you, then I’d love to invite you and your children to join me for a FREE online magic workshop

In this single WOW 5 Workshop, Different from our previous WOW workshops,
I will teach 3 really cool magic tricks with things that you can easily find around the house.!!!

Remember this LIVE workshop is FREE and I only have a limited number of spots available.
If you would like to join the fun and learning, simply send me your email and I will send you a special invitation along with a list of a few items to grab from around the house.

I look forward to seeing you then and making some FUN memories together!



EMU Saturday Morning Magic Workshops

Coming Next Year

Watch here for the NEW Saturday Morning Workshops,

Each week we spend 60 minutes discussing magic, performing magic tricks and demonstrating them. There will be other surprises and fun activities also.
For $15, your child receives;
* A professional magic trick in the mail valued at $20.
* Professionally taught by Stephanie Beach,
* Your child will be taught at least one other trick,
* Steph will also perform a special magic trick and see if the kids can guess how it’s done. She won’t give any secrets away though. 🙂

After C-19 Maybe December

Rapscallion Table & Tap Acton, MA
2nd and 4th Mondays,
5:30 to 7:30 Steph will be performing at
Rapscallion Table & Tap,
5 Strawberry Hill Rd. Acton MA.

Click here for More Information and menus

Il Forno Restaurant Littleton, MA
Every Thursday night from 5:30 to 7:30 Steph will be performing family-friendly magic at your table at Il Forno, a fine Italian restaurant in Littleton MA.

Click here for More Information and menus

Drawbridge Theater Free Show

Continuing our tradition of performing at the Drawbridge Puppet Theater on the last Sunday of every month, Steph will be performing:
The LAST Sunday of every month at 10:15 AM.

Click to find out more!

Birthday & Kid Parties

This is Live Entertainment. Live entertainment for your child creates an experience they will be talking about for years.

Family Parlor Shows

Parlor magic is neither silly nor childlike. It is designed for the entire family and that means Good Clean Entertainment right at home.

Social, Business & Clubs

A Stage, Walk-Around or Parlor show just for your event. Perfect for Weddings, Celebrations or Business Events.

Magic Workshop for Kids


Not a magic course with life skills sprinkled in, a life skill course camouflaged to look like a magic course.

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  • You not only entertain, but you engage the audience. All of our campers, young and old, look forward to you… It is always so fun!
    Autumn Hills
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