Stephanie is a Professional Magician specializing in Comedy Magic.

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Birthday & Kid Parties


This is Live Entertainment. Live entertainment for your child creates an experience they will be talking about for years.

Family Parlor Shows

Parlor magic is neither silly nor childlike. It is designed for the entire family and that means Good Clean Entertainment right at home.

Social, Business & Clubs

A Stage, Walk-Around or Parlor show just for your event. Perfect for Weddings, Celebrations or Business Events.

Magic Workshop for Kids

Not a magic course with life skills sprinkled in, a life skill course camouflaged to look like a magic course.


A quick peek at Steph’s Magic

[youtube id=”PPabyZ0aWGI” width=”600″ height=”200″ position=”center”]


Hi and thanks for your interest.
I will look forward to making your event magical.

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