Parents are you looking for a hobby that builds communications skills and improves the interactions of your children?
Look no further!


  • There is a new and exciting way for your child to take these classes
  • In the comfort of your home
  • All you need is a little space and kids
  • You can hang out with us or relax for 90 minutes as your kids learn magic

  • But wait there’s more
  • I also offer a one day class to see if your kids will like the full 4 week session
  • Call 978-486-4242 for details more information
  • See pricing and info on the classes below


Life Lessons Taught Using Magic

Be enthusiastic

  • Open with a strong effect
  • Remember you are giving a gift, there is no reason to be nervous


Be prepared

  • Know what you will say
  • Have a backup plan


Be respectful

  • Introduce yourself
  • Don’t worry about what others think of you

The Magic Workshop features:

  • Original content
  • Custom props
  • Online Video Vault that students can view at home
  • Secret file folders
  • Every student receives custom “kid friendly” props to work with
  • Every child performs new magic in every class, mastering at least one trick through the Discover Magicâ„¢ unique approach to learning

  • Every time a child performs an effect, they are learning how to use very specific communication skills.
  • Kids are having so much fun performing magic, they don’t realize they are acquiring skills that will reap benefits that will last a lifetime.
  • They acquire the ability to imagine what another person might think during the parts of a performance. No other art form depends on empathy as much as magic.
  • Created specifically for children ages 8 to 12+ years old which research shows is the very best time to learn.


  • Each session includes:

    • Life skills taught through Magic
    • Video introduction
    • Hands on training with Stephanie Beach and associates
    • Professional Magic Props that your child will keep
    • Special access to an on-line ‘Vault’
    • Call 978-486-4242


    We now have an exciting NEW format:
    In the comfort of your own home

    Five- 90 minutes sessions.
    In each session your kids will learn Two Magic Tricks
    and two folders with more tricks on-line after each session.
    The last session the Children perform magic for friends and family

    In All your child receives:
    * All 8 tricks & the props
    * A Magic folder
    * On-line access with MORE Magic tricks and videos
    * Special videos teaching Magic and Life’s skills
    * Certificate and Wand
    * With Stephanie as your Child’s instructor

    And now the pricing.
    Keep in mind, this type of course does sell for $295/child.

    These prices are for the TOTAL Workshop – 5 sessions;

    * For one child, the price is $125
    * For two children the price is $89 each child
    * For three children the price is $79 each child
    * For four children the price is $59 each child BEST OFFER!
    – (Regularly $89)

    Limit is four children per workshop – ages 8 to 12+
    Contact Us!

    Want to try a one day class and see if your kids like it?

    • In this one day workshop at your home, the kids receive a special “Kid sized” card trick.
    • It is a fun card trick teaching kids about animals along with magic secrets.
    • Easy, no reset so it can be performed again, it is a great trick for beginners and ‘expert’ magic kids.
    • They also receive a magic folder and can go online to review the Discover Magic trick.
    • They watch a special video on one of the secrets to being a true magician
    • The workshop is about 60 minutes about math and science.
    • Minimum 5 kids and limit to 15 kids: Ages 8 and 12+.
    • The price $195 plus $8/kid for the trick and folder.
    • Make it a Magic Workshop Birthday Party

    • You can also have a Magic Birthday Party Show AND a Workshop
    • Your child is treated to a 30 minute magic show
    • Then all the goodies and lessons from above is added on
    • It’s a great time and the kids learn some Fun Magic too
    • Plan on about 90 minutes for the entire party
    • The price $225 plus $8/kid for the trick and folder.
      Please note: Workshop are not available in all areas. Contact Steph for details.

    • Hi and thanks for your interest.
      I will look forward to making your event magical.

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