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Stephanie Beach is a Professional Magician specializing in Comedy Magic.

Current Events:

Magic Workshop this Fall
If you want your kids to learn magic, then go to
Magic Workshop to find out more!

YOU can also have a one day Magic Workshop party for your kids ages 8 to 12+ if you like.
Great for a Party!

October 7th 10 am to 1 pm – Make way for Ducklings 30 year anniversary of sculpture
62 Beacon Street in Boston
I cannot tell you how excited I am to
be performing for this special event

It was 30 years ago that Nancy created the
Ducklings and set them for all to see

I’ll be performing LOTS of Duck magic.
You’ll have a great time
Make way for Ducklings – Click here to learn more

Oct 14th Green Magic Workshop starts for 4 weeks
Magic Workshop at the Acton Boxborough Community Education Center
Ages 8 to 12+
Starting Oct 14th 9:30 am for 4 Saturdays
Acton Boxborough Community Education – Click here to learn more
Go to Page 11 for details. Click here to learn more

Drawbridge Theater Free Show
Oct 29th : Drawbridge Theater Free Magic Show
1335 Mass ave, Lunenburg, Mass
A Free HALLOWEEN Show time is 11 am for kids 3 an up
READY TO GET SPOOKED? Click here to reserve your seat
At 3pm a Halloween show for kids 8 and Up.
Admission to that show is $5
On Oct 29th we have a Special Day.
It’s the day that thespirits open the doors to Halloween.

Join Stephanie as she shows you some forbidden and
dangerous artifacts that might cause the spirits to appear.

Experience ghosts making themselves known.
Watch in horror as a needle goes into Stephanie’s arm.
Experience a reenactment of Harry Houdini’s “Swallowing Needles”

See the trick that is SO DANGEROUS that the volunteer will be
required to sign a ‘Waiver of Death’ to participate.

Limited to 50 people so reserve your places soon.
Sorry: No refund after you enter the theater. Stay at your own risk 🙂

Birthday & Kid Parties

This is Live Entertainment. Live entertainment for your child creates an experience they will be talking about for years.

Family Parlor Shows

Parlor magic is neither silly nor childlike. It is designed for the entire family and that means Good Clean Entertainment right at home.

Social, Business & Clubs

A Stage, Walk-Around or Parlor show just for your event. Perfect for Weddings, Celebrations or Business Events.

Magic Workshop for Kids


Not a magic course with life skills sprinkled in, a life skill course camouflaged to look like a magic course.

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  • Your performance contributed to the success of this year’s event. We appreciate the time and talent you devoted to your performance.
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  • Hi and thanks for your interest.
    I will look forward to making your event magical.

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